Deep Groove Bearing Advantages, Types and Buying Tips

Among different sorts of metal balls, the profound section bearing is the most well-known and comprises of an external, internal ring with steel balls and enclosures. These are utilized as outspread orientation and can work at extremely high paces.

Profound furrow course are really a non distinct heading that can convey pivotal burdens in both the bearings. It comprises of continuous raceways that are additionally profound. The ring grooves are as roundabout curves that have span more than that of the sweep of the ball. Level of inward ring shoulders is equivalent to external ring shoulders. Contact of the ball with raceways is point and circular when stacked.

Purchasing Tips

Prior to purchasing profound notch bearing factory ball look at the material from which it has been made. It tends to be chrome steel or high temperature steel. Then realize what is the support necessity and the assistance life. This will help you in characterizing the general expense of the bearing. On the off chance that everything is low, the general expense is additionally low. Request bearing freedom and fixing proficiency.

Sorts of Profound Score Orientation


Low Contact

Little Protected

Huge Safeguarded

Fixed ones are produced using the engineered elastic and oil with the sheet steel support. These can work in extensive variety of temperature for example between – 40° C to 120° C.

Low grinding seal types can likewise work between a similar temperature range as the fixed ones. It is the sort of non-scouring bearing as the a tight hole is framed by the lip of the seal with the place that is known for inward ring.


Little protected ones have a sheet steel safeguard making a long fixing hole.

Enormous protected has no round and hollow area and favored when the revolution of the inward ring is required.

Profound Depression Bearing Benefits

These can convey additional heap as outspread, composite and hub load.

These are exceptionally straightforward in plan and need least support.

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