“Green Fundraising: Eco-Friendly Raffle Ideas to Support a Cause”

A vital part of your charity raffle is raising as much money as possible for your chosen cause. So, remember that low-budget or donated prizes can be just as impressive if not better than big, luxury items, especially if they are something that makes a lasting impression.  

Food and Drink Baskets

Source a selection of gourmet food and drink items from local businesses to raffle off for your fundraiser. Maybe add a theme, like a selection of cheeses, cold cuts, and wine, or a cool raffle ideas of chutneys and jams.

Spa Treatments

Pamper your winner with a raffle prize offering a pedicure, manicure, massage, or facial. Always a popular giveaway, make sure to try and get a spa package donated to cool cool raffle ideas ideas fundraising cause.

Gift Vouchers

Restaurants, shops, and gyms all offer the option of gift vouchers. Local companies will often be happy to donate gift cards as charity raffle prizes, as it will provide potential new clients to them.  Also, remember that people like to choose how, when, and what they spend their money on, which is why gift vouchers are a top raffle prize idea.

Yearly Entertainment Subscriptions

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Spotify are to name but a few entertainment subscriptions that are in great demand, which makes them desired raffle prizes.

Pet Care and Services

Dog walking, grooming, training, boarding, and pet accessories are always popular raffle prize ideas for animal lovers.

Mystery Boxes

Treat your winner to a selection of gifts from our list but don’t tell them what to expect. You could put a monetary clue of how much the box is worth, but the intrigue of what the box contains cool raffle ideas be kept as a surprise.

Personalized Prizes

Make a lasting and personal impression by offering customized charity raffle prizes. Not only is this a great way to get people to interact with the raffle itself but will also boost your cause’s awareness.  Why not hold a competition to design the best t-shirt to boost awareness for your charity and then the winner gets the original design and a t-shirt? You could even raffle off smaller runner-up prizes with the same design, such as keyrings, wristbands, or badges – a great way to highlight your cause and promote awareness.

Creating Raffle Prize Baskets

Raffle prize baskets are an appealing way to showcase several items and offer an impressive but often cost-effective raffle prize. Gift baskets are one of the most popular charity raffle prizes, and by adding a personal touch, your supporters will be talking about their basket and your cause long after the raffle has finished. Here are a few fun raffle basket ideas:

  • BBQ Gift Baskets
  • Cheese and Wine Gift Baskets
  • Baking Gift Baskets
  • Pamper Yourself Gift Baskets
  • Gadget Gift Baskets
  • Easy Dinner Gift Baskets
  • Movie Night Gift Baskets
  • Seasonal Gift Baskets (Christmas, Easter, Halloween) 

How to Get Your Charity Raffle Prizes Donated

Start by coming up with a list of raffle prize ideas. Your efforts will be far more fruitful if you have plans for what raffle prizes you hope to procure. Having everyone on the same page will allow more ideas to flow as to where to acquire these types of raffle items.

Getting together with your friends and fundraising group to brainstorm ideas for raffle donations ahead of time ensures that everyone is on the same page and that you have enough time to procure these items. Setting up this wish list early can help you in your brainstorming sessions.

Your aim is to raise as much money as possible for your charity, so why not save money on your raffle prizes by getting them donated from local businesses?

Check out our  and write a killer letter to local businesses that gets your request for raffle prizes noticed.

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