How to Mig Weld – The Mig Welding Process

While figuring out how to mig weld is more required than what we can write in 500 words or so here is a concise rundown of getting set up and the cycle in question.

Getting set up.

Your Mig welder should be set up for the kind of metal and the thickness of the metal. That is, you will require the right welding wire and protecting gas for whatever is being welded. For instance assuming you are welding aluminum you will require aluminum welding wire in the machine and argon gas for the safeguarding gas.

Next we really want to set up the welding wire price  and speed of the wire feed to suit the thickness of the metal. The thicker the metal the more amps will be required. The wire feed speed will be subject to the thickness of the wire in the machine.

Instructions to Mig Weld Interaction

With the gas supply and the welding machine turned on the administrator can start welding. On the off chance that you are welding in outside conditions you might require a defensive safeguard to keep gas from being blown away from the weld region.

Assuming you have a programmed welding cap turn on the power switch. Involving a non auto cap bring down the hood in planning to weld. Never endeavor to utilized welding gear without a confirmed protective cap.

Hold the welding firearm at a 90 degree point to the work and pointed at 10 degrees towards the line to be welded. Crush the trigger on the mig weapon. When the weld starts move gradually up the movement line, meanwhile guaranteeing that you have a ‘pool’ of liquid metal at the weld zone.


Welding activity spits and hops on contact.

Check the speed of the wire feed and dial it back

Verify that gas is on.

Check the extremity of earth and light link, invert if necessary.

Really look at the earth association for a decent earth.

Unfortunate surface readiness, eliminate any paint or other tainting.

Machine activity frail or not intertwining/or consuming metal

Turn up or down the power settings.

Increment/decline wire feed speed.

Make sure that gas is on

There is a lot to figure out how to mig weld than the above tips, welding positions, for example, vertical up and above require various procedures, as do welding of various metals, for example, mig welding of aluminum, and treated steel. Anyway with great guidance and practice this is the kind of thing anybody can dominate.

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