Recipe for Chocolate Gateau

The first recipe for this chocolate gateau comes from the French district of Lyons. It is made with three layers of chestnut enhanced gateau sandwiching cream and chocolate cream with a chocolate glace icing.


For Gateau

115 grams Flour

touch of Salt

115 grams Spread

8 Eggs

340 grams Castor Sugar

4 drops Vanilla Embodiment

450 grams Chestnuts (cooked and sieved)

425 milliliters Twofold Cream

115 grams Sweet Chocolate (finely hacked)

2 tablespoons Water

1 dessertspoon Castor Sugar

6 tablespoons Custom printed cookie tins   Jam Preserves

For Chocolate Glace Icing

170 grams Plain Block Chocolate (finely slashed)

8 tablespoons Stock Syrup

450 grams Icing Sugar (finely sieved)

1 teaspoon Salad Oil

3 drops Vanilla Substance

You will likewise require three 20-centimeter breadth sandwich tins.


For the Gateau

Pre-heat the broiler to 190 degrees Celsius.

Oil the sandwich tins.

Place a circle of greaseproof paper in the lower part of each tin and oil this too.

Strainer adequate flour and sugar together and afterward dust the tins with this.

Filter the flour with the salt.

Liquefy the margarine over an extremely delicate intensity.

Whisk the eggs.

Add the sugar and vanilla pith.

Keep speeding until the eggs and sugar structure a lace on itself.

The eggs and sugar ought to be very thick. The secret to this is to do it manually, in a bowl over a skillet of heated water.

Crease in the chestnuts.

Crease in the filtered flour.

Blend in the liquefied spread.

Partition the blend equally into the pre-arranged sandwich tins.

Heat in the pre-warmed stove for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, you can set up the fillings.

For the Filling

Whip the cream until truly thick.

Partition the cream into two bits – 2/5 out of one bowl and 3/5 in another bowl.

Soften the chocolate in the water and permit to cool.

Add this to the more modest piece of cream.

Add the sugar to the next bowl.

To Wrap up

When the cakes have heated for 30 minutes, eliminate them from the broiler and permit to cool.

At the point when the cakes are appropriately cooled, take every one and painstakingly split it.

Cover the lower layer meagerly with orange jam preserves.

Spread plain improved cream meagerly onto the orange jam preserves.

Reshape the three cakes.

Presently utilize the chocolate enhanced cream to sandwich these three cakes together.

For the Chocolate Glace Icing

Put the chocolate into a pan with the stock syrup.

Break down the chocolate over a delicate intensity and when disintegrated bring to simply on limit.

Eliminate promptly from the intensity and permit to cool.

When cool, beat in the sugar each teaspoon in turn.

Blend in the oil and vanilla.

Heat the icing somewhat and afterward pour it over the cake while warm.

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